More Birthday presents that I got this time Make-Up πŸ’„

Hello beautiful people πŸ’•

Here are a few things that I got for my birthday πŸ’•. 

I got this gorgeous make-up palette for my birthday it has absolutely everything you need in it πŸ‘. 

I’ve not tried it out yet when I do I’ll give a full review on it and let you know my thought πŸ‘. 

What I like about it is you get everything in the palette. Eye shadows, Lip glosses, Blushers and Bronzers πŸ’‹

I also got these gorgeous lipsticks there by the brand Love Label they come in really sleek packaging  so cute πŸ’•. 

The only negative I found with these lipsticks is like the MUA lipsticks they only come with batch numbers πŸ‘Ž. 

It would have been nice if Love Label would have been a little bit more imaginative and gave the lipsticks names πŸ’„. 

The red on the left feels a lot more matte then the other two lipsticks. The red lipstick in the middle has a really nice orange undertone I think it will look really pretty in the summer and the Fuscia colour is just Stunning that’s another colour that is just perfect for spring/summer time. πŸ’„

I haven’t tried all of these lipsticks I will review them more when I have πŸ‘





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