W7 Eye Shadow Palette πŸ’‹

Hello beautiful people, 

I got this eye shadow palette for Christmas I love that it has a wide variety of shades in it πŸ‘. 

Most of my eye shadow palettes are completely neutral for some reason I’ve never dared to wear bold colours the trick is everything in moderation I guess. You can just add a subtle colour on the bottom lashes to give you that pop of colour or in the summer be a bit more adventurous and make a statement by wearing a bit more of a bolder colour. I really like the turquoise in this palette I think it’s AMAZING πŸ‘. 

Like a lot of my new make up I’ve not tried this palette out so I can’t give you a full review I just wanted to show you what the palette looks like and the swatches. 

I have to admit I am drawn to the neutral bronze colours as per usual but that’s just because it is part of my make up routine to wear these colours πŸ’•.

I’m definitely going to have to try and be more adventurous this summer with my make up. If it doesn’t look good I can take it off right ? 

Has anyone else tried this palette yet if so what are your thoughts on it I’d really like to know πŸ‘

Andrea πŸ’‹   



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