What’s in my make Up bag 💄💋

Hello beauties 💕, 
Hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend 👏. 
I’m quite poorly myself with a really bad throat infection and nasty cold 👎. 

I’m actually writing this post from my bed 😳. 

What are you all up to this weekend I’d love to hear your plans 👏🏻. 
Now onto the actual post itself. What’s in my make up bag here we go. 

  I absolutely love this bag I use it for make up to carry all my Essentials in but you can use it to put anything you like in it .

I am loving Rose Gold at the moment. and love the fact that it says J’adore on it. That just makes it look so much cuter. 

When I first saw these bags it comes with a smaller bag that says Bonjour which is also adorable. I said to myself it’s not something you need but then they went down on sale in Primark and they were only £2 

I just had to pick up a set of these bags at those price. I know I have the Zoella Make-up bag but this one fits in my handbag really great and is flat I use the Zoella make up bag at home and that’s on my vanity table. 

  These are the products I have been using on my face for the base I tend to switch my foundation up a lot we will talk about that in a minute.

 I Always Always use a Primer  this for me is an essential to my make up routine. some people can get away with not using Primer unfortunately I am not one of them I suffer with a little oily skin especially round my t-zone and large pores so it helps even out my skin before the foundation goes on. I put my daily moisturiser on first and then I will use my Primer. I am going to do a separate post about my skin care routine. 

1. Avon Magix Face Perfecter – I am coming to the end of this Primer now I’ve had it such a long time roughly I would say about 6 months. I saw it in the Avon on special offer for £5 and I was running out of my holy grail Primer which I think most people have tried when I run out of this one I’ll have to go to boots and get some more it’s the Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer This retail at £11.99. At the time I thought I would see if this Avon was better then Revlon. I’m sorry Avon it does not compare this is only my opinion but I prefer the Revlon Primer. Normal price for this Avon Primer is £10.00 I believe which is still cheaper then Revlon and you do get a little more product with the Avon Magix Face Perfector you get 30ML and Revlon Photo Ready you get 27ML so it’s just 3ML difference. I would buy Avon Magix Face Perfctor again but only if it was on this special offer of £5. I think if I hadn’t tried Revlon Photo Ready I would probably love this Avon Magix but my Preference is the Revlon Photo ready It’s my holy grail Primer. (sorry about that it turned into a mini review)

2. L’oreal Mat Magique –  This foundation is quite a recent purchase I like to switch my foundations up and see what sits better on my skin. I had never tried any foundations that were Matte. Surprising I know since I do suffer with oily skin. I was in B&M bargains when I saw this for a mere £3.00 . I was very impressed I love B&M bargains for this they get brands like L’oreal and Rimmel all the time and can sell them much cheaper then Boots and Superdrug because normally they have come from another country. You can normally tell by the packaging. Like on this foundation you can tell it’s come from France so they sell it at half the price. I’d never seen this particular foundation before in Boots or Superdrug. I’m not sure if was ever sold in the UK. I am going to do a separate post on a review on this foundation as I do really like it and have quite a few things to say about it. 

3. Maybeline Eraser Eye Concealer – This is another item that has become an holy grail item in my make-up collection. I absolutely love this and will re-purchase it over and over. I can’t remember exactly how long I have had this one for but it’s been a long time. well over a year. so it’s definitely been worth the money. It’s £7,99 for 6ML. This works on my under eye circles so well and If you have read any of my blog you will know my sleeping patterns are so erratic at the moment so this product is like my best friend always there when you need it 👏🏻.


4. Stay Matte Powder Translucent Powder – How I ever got by without this powder in my life I will never know another holy grail. This is just one of those products that most Beauty Gurus use because it’s that good. There are some more expensive powders on the market that don’t work as well as this. This is the reason why everyone keeps buying this product over and over and I’m no exception. 

  5. Bourjois Bronzer and Highlighter duo – I got this for my birthday in February I really like the Bronzer I’m not so sure about the Highlighter though I’ll have to use that a little bit more then I have been doing I have been reaching more for my Dior Highlighter which I’ll talk about in a minute.  6. Dior shimmer powder 001 in Rose Diamond – This product is another really old product I have only just rediscovered it again in my make-up collection and I love absolutely love it. I have been using it a lot lately both the Highlighter at the front and then I swirl my blush brush for a nice pink blush. I will have to give the Bourjois Highlighter a chance though and use it a little more then I have and give a review on that.  7. MUA Luxe Eyebrow and Highlighter Pencil – This is another Item that I have re-discovered I ran out of my favourite Avon Brow Definer Pencil and I saw that I had this in my drawer. When I first bought this MUA Eyebrow and Highlighter Pencil I have to admit I was not happy I’d gone into town to pick up a few things and thought this looked like a really nice product I got it home and was just about to use it and half the pencil fell into the cap 👎. 

It would have cost me more in bus fair to take it back to Superdrug and I decided to keep it for the highlighter which is pretty good. I was looking at this pencil again recently and saw that there was still quite a bit of product left in  the Pencil so I am glad I did keep it. other then that there really isn’t anything bad I can say about this product it’s definitely worth the money £3.00 as you get a highlighter to use as well. 

8, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Leopard – I am a huge fan of NYX Make-Up there aren’t a lot of places where you can buy it though in the UK and it’s even worse now I have moved back to my home town 👎

I re-discovered this gorgeous NYX Eye Pencil in the colour Leopard which is a nice golden brown with hints of glitter running through it the photo isn’t showing how nice it is really. I should have sharpened it before I took the photo. (note to self) . I have only just started using this again and I love these pencils when you have limited time and you just need to get out and don’t have time to do your eye make-up  it just makes things that much easier or you can choose to put it over an eye shadow of a similar colour and it makes the shadow pop. very stunning. 
9. Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner – Black – I am in love with this eye liner I got it when in was on sale for £3.00 something i never do with the Avon is pay full price because a fortnight later certain things will be half price and this eye liner is always half price. The Intensity of  colour of this eye liner is AMAZING (another holy grail item) This is the eye liner I reach for over and over. It reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay 24/7 eye liners but in my opinion this Avon one is so much better in a future blog post I will show you the comparison and you can see what I mean. 

  10. Number 7 Lash Brush – This brush is so old I don’t use it for my lashes I use it to brush my eyebrows out before and after I have pencilled them in to give them a more groomed look. 

11. NYC City Curls Mascara Carbon Black 846 – I’m not spending a lot on make-up at the moment I’m on a budget but I was in the pound store and came across this mascara and thought I would give it a try. I think the brand NYC is a really good brand and it’s really good value for money too. I’ve been using this constantly I love it and for £1.00 it really is a bargain. 

  12. Romantic Bear Lip Balm – This was bought on ebay for 99p it came from China and took about 4 weeks to arrive. It reminded me of the eos lip balm and the Balmi lip balms but they are more expensive so I thought I would give this a try and it’s actually quite good. 

13. W7 Lip Paint in Lady Luck – Another item bought from the pound store . 

seriously what would I do without that store. A lot of brands are doing these Lip Paints now. Make- Up Revolution, Too Faced The list really goes on. The Too faced ones do look pretty AMAZING. Has any one tried them yet? 

These W7 Lip Paints are better then I first anticipated I don’t know why but I never think W7 is going to be that good but every single time I get something from the brand It never lets me down👏🏻. 

When using these Lip Paints you will need to use a lip balm because they do stain your lips quite bad. 

 14. Chanel Pencil Sharpener – I got this such a long time ago for my birthday one year of my sister in law with a lovely neutral Chanel Lip Gloss and she got me a matching LIp Pencil and the Chanel Pencil sharpener came with that. My favourite brand is Chanel so I was happy when I came across this again. 

  Also in my make-up bag I have put these 2 samples of foundations that I want to try. I love BB Creams. I have never heard of this Rimmel BB Cream Radiance 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Make-Up. This is what it claims to do.

1. Primes (so you won’t need to use) Primer. 

2. Smoothes.

3. Conceals.

4. Helps minimise the appearance of pores.

5. Provides Natural looking coverage (so would not be full coverage) 

6. Moisturises for 24 hours

7. Awakens tired skin 

8. Brightens the skin with vitamin c and 

9. Gives a radiant finish 

This foundation also has SPF 20 . 

I am really looking forward to trying this sample around this time of the year when it gets warmer I like to try BB Creams or tinted moisturisers and let my skin breathe a little bit better then it does with full coverage foundation. I will try this sample out in the next few days and give my thoughts on it and let you know what it actually does if it does everything that it claims to do. 

 I’ve been seeing the TV Advertisements for this Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation for awhile and thought it looked really nice and thought to myself I’d like to try it before I buy it and then I bought a magazine this months Glamour Magazine and both samples were in there Rimmel and Maybelline. 

I personally think the shade of this Maybelline one is far too dark for me which is a shame as I am so fair. I can still try it and see what it feels like on the skin though as it claims to feel like Second Skin so I will try this out and give you my thoughts on this one as well. I’ll probably do a review on both products together and let you know which one I thought was the best. 

Have you tried either of these foundations yet? 

What are your thoughts I’d love to hear them. 



2 thoughts on “What’s in my make Up bag 💄💋

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for the comment :-).
      These are my favourite make-up products at the moment.
      Yes the bag is so cute,
      I love everything about it the colour and the logo on the front and so cheap both bags were only £2 it came with another one which is slightly smaller that said Bonjour.



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