My Blog T-shirt

Hello Lovelies,ย 

I thought I would do something a bit different today I’ve not done any OOTDย Posts so far and thought why not do that.ย 

I got this t-shirt 2-3 years ago when I thought about doing a blog (this is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time)ย Your support means so much to me so if you have followed my blog thankyou so much.

This is now my third attempt of doing a blog and I guess the timing for me was just right I have got more time on my hands to focus on my blog which I never had before.ย I’m loving getting your lovely comments by the way thank you so much for them,,,,

The t-shirt I got from Next I think it was about ยฃ10 at the time and I liked it because it saidย I’m kind of a big deal on my blog.ย 

I was looking through my wardrobe today for something to wear and thought it would make an interesting blog post.ย 

The weather has been nicer so I thought I would team it with my mint green jeans another favourite item it’s the first time I have worn them since they were bought last year and then put a light beige cardigan over the top.ย 

IMG_0707 - Edited

I’ve not really bought anything for the summer yet the weather in the UK is so up and down one minute it can be really nice and then it’s raining so you never really know how to dress.ย 

Have you bought anything for the nice weather?

What fashions are you loving at the moment?ย 




2 thoughts on “My Blog T-shirt

    • I know I was having a clear out and I came across it. I was like wow this was from the first time I wanted to do a blog. I have more time on my hands to fully concentrate on my blog now so maybe it will be third time lucky. X


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