Day trip to Bury Markets – New Make-Up From Mum

Hello Lovelies,Ā 

A couple of weeks ago I went to Bury Markets.

My mum lives in sheltered accommodation for people over the age of 55 and every now and again I go on these trips that they organise to keep her company. Ā 

I’d heard so many great things about Bury Markets people said that it was really cheap to shop there and had been meaning to go and check them out for awhile I lived In Manchester but never got around to it so I thought I’d go with my mum on this trip and keep her company….

It’s weird how in all the years that I lived in Manchester I didn’t go to Bury Markets as it’s just a tram away and I move back to Preston and then I go.Ā 

Life sure is funny sometimes isn’t it?.Ā 

It was a lovely day out we had a look around the markets my mum bought me some new make-up from one of the stands I could not believe how cheap it was

Here are the items my lovely mum bought for me šŸ’•

Ā Ā The whole reason I have delayed writing this post is I wanted to try thisĀ Look Flawless Fix BB.Ā I was very sceptical when I got this because it was a mere Ā£1.99.

I have done a little research though and since found out that it was sold on the high street for Ā£9.99.

With summer Just around the corner I wanted to try something lighter on my skin then a full coverage foundation so when I saw this at that price (Ā£1.99) I just had to try it.

I’ve tried some BB creams in the past and to be honest I didn’t really like them but this one feels different it’s very buildable without your skin looking cakey.

I found it does what it says it makes your skin lookĀ FlawlessĀ andĀ fixesĀ anyĀ Imperfections. It feels so light on the skin so it’s Ideal for theĀ Warmer Months too.Ā 

Here is what it says it does Clear enough to cover anything your face throws at you, but natural enough to let your skin shineĀ and I would actually agree with that….

I got the colour in Shade 1 and this is a perfect match for me as I am so fair.

I think there were only 3 shadesĀ Fair shade 1, Medium shade 2 and dark shade 3

In summary I have used this most days since I got it 3 weeks ago and I wouldĀ recommendĀ it to anyone who would like to try aĀ lighter coverage foundationĀ I don’t think you will be disappointed.Ā 

Another Perk to thisĀ Look Flawless Fix BB CreamĀ is it hasĀ 40mlĀ Rather then the averageĀ 30mlĀ so it will last that little bit longer.Ā 

Ā These Shining Star compacts by the brandĀ FamousĀ are so cute with the Leopard Print CompactsĀ  My favourite has to be theĀ shimmer brick.Ā 

I wanted to get a really goodĀ Shimmer BrickĀ Compact for awhile nowĀ Bobbi BrownĀ do a really nice one but there quite expensive.

Here is the link for theĀ Bobbi BrownĀ One I have seen and it looks soĀ SimilarĀ to theĀ FamousĀ one that my mum bought for meĀ–Rose

I was really pleased when I saw this Shimmer brickĀ as the you get a really niceĀ hilighterĀ in the photo the lightestĀ colourĀ looks really PinkĀ Rather then a really niceĀ Pearly Hi-light.Ā 

Ā you can eitherĀ swirlĀ yourĀ Blush Brush in the rest of theĀ shimmerĀ brickĀ or use theĀ coloursĀ that are in theĀ shimmer brickĀ individually. It’s definitely going to be worn a lot over theĀ summerĀ as it will give me a niceĀ glow.

This is calledĀ Shining Star shimmer brickĀ in the colourĀ Mariah ShimmerĀ it’s by the brandĀ FamousĀ and you getĀ 7.5gĀ ofĀ Product.Ā 

It says be a radiant star by applying to cheek bones or a light dusting all over.Ā 

This is another product I have been using a lot I’ve been using it with theĀ Look Flawless Fix BB CreamĀ I just love the way it makes my skin looks it just glows when I wear this and the flawless fix.


Ā Ā This PackagingĀ for thisĀ CompactĀ Is Simply StunningĀ I actually prefer theĀ PackagingĀ On this Blusher to theĀ PackagingĀ on theĀ shimmer brick.Ā 

There both nice but theĀ PackagingĀ for theĀ First Date BlushĀ is a little bit nicer. ( I know cute name too right. ) Anyone that knows me well knows that I love the colourĀ Pink this is why I amĀ drawnĀ to thisĀ PackagingĀ moreĀ this compact looksĀ RedĀ I know.Ā 

The packaging is a lovelyĀ Fuscia PinkĀ withĀ grey leopard printĀ On the front. I didn’t realise it at the time because they had noĀ TestersĀ open for thisĀ BlusherĀ howĀ PinkĀ it would be. I should have realised with it being in aĀ Fuscia coloured compact.Ā A little of this blusher definitely goes a long way so you do need to use it Sparingly.

The first time I used it I put way too much on. I’ve only used it once or twice so I can’t really give a full review on it just yet but watch this space…Ā 

So this lovely blusher has been named a first date blusher

I guess so you will make an impression just be sure not to go over the top with it as it’s SUPER PIGMENTED…..

The colour of the blush is in Charlize.

It says get that sexy demour first date blush.Ā 

Ā Ā Ā Ā Look how pigmented this first date blush is in Charlise it looks very red on this photo I can assure you it’s not It’s just very pink. It’s a lovely colour for the summer and if you want toĀ dress to impressĀ then this is theĀ blusherĀ to wearĀ 

Ā Ā The MascaraĀ in this photo photo was such a good buy I love NYCĀ and I had never heard of this particular MascaraĀ before it was only Ā£1Ā at that price I just had to buy it and see if it did what it actually says and I was actuallyĀ AMAZEDĀ at theĀ RESULTS.Ā MyĀ Eye LashesĀ lookedĀ Longer and theĀ MascaraĀ Did indeedĀ CurlĀ myĀ Lashes. I’ve not stopped using it since I got itĀ 

I love the brush on this mascara too and theĀ colourĀ not only is itĀ BlackĀ it’sĀ Carbon Black 846.

If your looking for a budget mascara that will give you both volume and curl your lashes this might be the one I’m not sure if Superdrug sells this anymore if not I’m sure ebay will.Ā 

I saw this lip gloss and I just had to get it I’m loving my RedsĀ even more then myĀ Nude coloursĀ at the moment. My sister says that I suitĀ Nude coloured lipsĀ Better then I doĀ Red Lips.Ā I disagree what is the point of being a Wallflower.Ā If I have learnt anything this last year is that LIFE is just TOO SHORT.Ā If I want to wearĀ Red LipstickĀ Then I will go ahead and wearĀ Red.Ā That’s the littleĀ REBELĀ in me coming out…Ā 

I saw these lipsticks in Boots awhile back and kept meaning to see if they were any good for whatever reason I never got around to picking any of them up and then I saw that they had a couple in this colour on the Market. This was the dearest item I got I think it was around Ā£3.50 but so worth it as the colour isĀ gorgeousĀ and you would not get them as cheap as that on theĀ highstreet.Ā 

I’m not sure what L’orealĀ Ā called these lipsticks all I know is that they are made byĀ L’orealĀ and theĀ colourĀ of theĀ Lip glossĀ isĀ 301 Rouge Soprano. It has a lovely sponge dough foot applicator that feels really nice and soft when you are applying this lip gloss to your lips.Ā 

It’s not aĀ Lip glossĀ you can wear every day but if you want to feelĀ Extra Special And GlamorousĀ this is a goodĀ Lip GlossĀ to have in yourĀ Make -Up Drawer.Ā 

I have been wearing this colour a lot with theĀ Flawless Fix BB CreamĀ andĀ Shimmer BrickĀ It’s a Stunning Colour.Ā I was a little bitĀ DisappointedĀ though a few days after I had been wearing it I was looking at it to see if I could find the name of theĀ Lip glossĀ and it had a little bit ofĀ CellophaneĀ That saidĀ TesterĀ On it I was not aĀ Happy Bunny….Ā No one had used it though only me and it’s great value for moneyĀ so I can’tĀ complain.Ā 

Ā Last but certainly not least is the W7 Chunky Cheeks Blush StickĀ I’m really lovingĀ W7Ā make-up at the moment it’s great if your on a budget like I am. I have only used thisĀ Chunky Cheeks Blush StickĀ twice but I really do like it. TheĀ ColourĀ IsĀ StunningĀ a really nice girly pink.Ā Perfect ForĀ Summer.Ā 

The ColourĀ of thisĀ w7 Chunky Cheeks blush stickĀ isĀ Tokyo.

If you have read all of this post thank you so much for that I get carried away when talking about make-upĀ 

Hope you are all okay and that you had a wonderful weekend be nice to hear if you have bought any bargains . It’s so nice to hear from you….Ā 

I’d like to thank my lovely Mum for buying me this lovely Make-Up she spoils me rottenĀ 



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