Floral Headband From Primark ❤️

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

In my last post that I showed (Mini Primark Haul) I said that I would show you what this gorgeous headband looked like on.

I think it’s so beautiful great for summer this headband was £2.50. Primark have a lot of great headbands like this for summer. 


  I think this headband looks so PRETTY I love it ….

I also think this scarf was a real BARGAIN I got this a few weeks ago from Primark half price from £4 to £2. WHAT A BARGAIN…. I’m in love with Mint Green ❤️. 


6 thoughts on “Floral Headband From Primark ❤️

  1. Hey Andrea! You are killing it girl! I’m sorry it took me like a month but I finally answered your questions and gave you a shout out from your Liebster nomination. Thank you a million times again for the nomination last month! Keep doing your thing girl!


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    • Hi Ana, thanks for your lovely comments. This template was the best I could find on WordPress for free. If I’m being honest I’ve tried to do my best with it but I’m not loving it anymore. It’s served a purpose. I looked on Etsy for a new template but when your with WordPress you have to have a self hosting website which I don’t have so I’m going back to my old blogger platform. I’ve already got a really nice template and working on transferring all my posts over as we speak 💕. Bloglovin said I just need to send them an email and I can bring my followers with me which is good. I’ll be checking out your blog as well 💕.x


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