Bonjour and J’adore Bags πŸ’„

Hello Beauty lovers πŸ’‹

I got these cute little bags from Primark I’d been lusting after them for months and decided against getting them. 

Even thought they were only Β£4 originally  . I’m on a budget at the moment but I was in Primark about a month ago buying some gloves when I saw these bags in the sale πŸ‘. 

These beautiful rose gold printed bags cost just Β£2 in the sale πŸ’•. 

Such a bargain πŸ‘

I’m currently using the J’adore bag as a make-up bag to put my essentials in. 

It’s a really nice flat bag handy to put in your handbag πŸ‘. 

I have a really nice ZOELLA make-up bag that I got for Christmas which I use as my main make-up bag and then when I know I’m going out for the day I put my essentials in this J’adore bag πŸ’•. 

The bonjour bag I haven’t used yet it’s slightly smaller and I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet πŸ˜€. 




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