Summer Essentials 👗👠

Hello lovelies 💕

Since we’re now in spring I thought I’d show you some clothes that I’m getting really excited about wearing again. Some are old and some are new that have been bought in the sales. 


I love these mint green sandals I bought them last year for my sisters birthday back in September from New Look. I didn’t get to wear them a lot with me buying them at that time of year so I put them away to get a lot of use out of them now they are a great staple piece and you can wear with anything Skirts, Shorts, Dresses. I’m really looking forward to wearing them again. Such a gorgeous colour if you have been following my blog you will know I am a fan of Mint Green it’s actually my favourite colour.  Here is another one of my favourite pieces I have had this about a year also I think I got it for the same occasion my sisters 40th birthday party.  The bag is by LYDC  I really like this brand as you pay high street prices and the bags look really expensive. Originally I think this bag was £25 and because summer was over when I bought it, It was in the sale for £10. BARGAIN!!!!. I love the colour told you I am completely Obsessed. The bag has lovely gold stones at the front and has a front compartment that you can put your mobile phone in so you don’t have to go to the main section and unzip and root around for your phone. The main section is quite big there is a lot of room in there for a wallet rather then a small purse which is nice if I want to take my Michael Kors Wallet instead of a tiny purse. The bag comes with a long chain so it can be worn across the shoulder or across your body. I like to wear it across my shoulder

  Lovely gold hard ware on the bag with a lovely mint green and gold strap this LYDC Bag looks far more expensive then the £10 that was spent on it. I think it matches the shoes above and the dress below perfectly.  This dress I bought from Primark now nearly 2 years ago it will be 2 years this coming September she had her wedding in Santorini, Greece. I needed a dress that was light because it was so hot July through to September is their hottest times the last thing I needed is to be sweating in a really heavy dress so when I saw this  In Primark I knew it would be perfect the material was so light the pattern I loved and I bought it as the sales were on I think originally it was £25.00 which to be honest I thought was a bargain but it had gone right down to just £5 I could not believe it of course I couldn’t leave it there It was a perfect dress for my friends wedding and I’ve had so many compliments on It.   The dress has a lovely back too it has 2 buttons and then it is backless gorgeous for summer time.   Last year mum and I went to cheshire on a day trip I’d never been to cheshire before I’ve only ever been to cheshire oaks and I love it there (that’s a different story though) So we went to cheshire and again summer was over and I saw this canary yellow thin jacket it was £5 my mum bought it for me. I think it’s good to throw over certain clothing but I think it clashes with the dress a little just because it has so much yellow in it already.  I was really excited last week when I took all my spring/summer clothes out of my suitcase and saw this green jacket, This is another Primark Item.  I absolutely love it and I think it looks stunning with this jacket. What do you think the green jacket or the canary yellow?   Me at my friends wedding in Santorini, Greece (check out the fake tan) I’m so pale but wanted a little bit of a tan for the wedding photos. On these photos I am 2 sizes bigger then I am now so I think I am going to have to take this into a tailor to get it altered. Hope they can do something with it as it’s my favourite dress for the summer. I’m going out for my friends birthday soon I’d really like to wear it then.  Seems like a lifetime ago I was in Santorini, Greece celebrating my friends wedding with her. It’s a lovely place Santorini and where they got married was just beautiful they got married in Santorini Vineyards and all the guests got to try I think it was 10 kinds of wines and different kinds of cheeses. We stayed there and watched the sunset it was one of the most Amazing Experiences that I have seen and I would go back to Santorini tomorrow. My oldest Niece is always talking about wanting to go to Greece maybe one day we can take a trip together. 



2 thoughts on “Summer Essentials 👗👠

  1. Those outfits are incredible! I absolutely love everything about it! And the colours of those clothes just say summer to you, they’re fabulous!

    Love, Amie ❤

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