The Perfect Red DressπŸ‘—

Hello Lovelies, 

A couple of weeks before Christmas I got invited to go out only to the local pub but I wanted to wear Red as it’s very festive but could I find a Red dress that would be a no. 

I was in Primark a few weeks back and I saw this beautiful like skater dress should have been Β£15 and it had gone down to Β£5. I could not believe it. 

That just proves my point when you look for things you never find them they find you. 

It’s too far ahead to pre-empt what I will be doing this boxing day but the same group of friends are already talking about going out again to the local on boxing day so who knows I may get to wear it after all. 

It’s not just a dress that can be worn at Christmas It can be worn all year round I associate Red with Festivities at Christmas time though. 

I just love this dress and can’t believe how cheap it was good old Primark you always find a BARGAIN in there….



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