My Favourite Travel Eyeshadow Palettes πŸ’•

Hello lovelies, 

I thought I would show you my Favourite eye shadow compacts to travel with and I think all of these are drug store brands. 

I don’t think there are any that cost more then Β£10.00 what I did notice when I was going through my drawer of make-up palettes is that there are a lot in there that I have not given reviews yet. I got quite a lot of make-up for my birthday and Christmas so I’ll be reviewing these in upcoming blog posts.

Now here are some of my favourite travel eye shadow palettes….

This has definitely got to be one of my favourite palette’s I haven’t got as much use as I would have liked out of this so I can’t give you a full review on the product just yet but I am going to start using it and I will give you a review in a couple of weeks with my thoughts. 

The colours in this palette are simply stunning they remind me so much of MAC Cinderella Palette I wanted that Make-Up Palette so bad but at the moment things are very tight and I’m on a budget and I don’t really need it as I have this gorgeous palette. 

As you can probably see this was purchased from TK MAXX  for just Β£3.99 I got it with some left over Christmas money as you can see RRP was Β£20.00 so I got a bargain in this palette. 

I’ll definitely be getting more use out of this palette again I think I have only used it once or twice I’ve been using my Urban Decay Smoked Palette a lot lately I just love that Palette but I will be talking about that in my next post a long with some other favourites. 




My second go to palette has got to be this essence all about nude palette some of the colours look like the cargo palette but the cargo palette is better quality they are premium eye shadows and essence is more drug store. This palette was bought in Wilkos it wasn’t expensive at all around Β£3 I think. Which is very cheap for six gorgeous looking eye shadow. Again I got this around Christmas time so I will need to do a review on that. Maybe what I will do as it is so similar to the Cargo palette is do a comparison review. I think I have only used this palette once since I got it at Christmas I have currently put it in my Make-Up bag so I will get more use out of it. 


This Myleene Klass Palette was a Christmas present again I just love the colours you have a selection of Matte colours and a nice selection of glitzy shimmers. This is another palette that has been banished to the bottom of make-up drawer. I will definitely be using this again soon and giving an in depth review on it. I just love the packaging it’s so pretty isn’t it? I also got Myleene Klass Lipstick Collection  which I haven’t been wearing a lot either and they are pretty too I won’t go into that here though as I will be doing my favourite lipstick collection at a later date. 


This avon 8-in-1 palette my mum bought me as part of my birthday present when I saw the size I was disappointed . I thought it would be so much bigger then it is in reality but it’s the perfect size to travel with it’s just such a shame that it doesn’t have a little mirror. I’ve not used this palette at all yet I remember when I got it I swatched it for my you tube channel but that’s about it so here is another one I need to review. The colours are just so amazing the nice bronze and gold colours remind me of the colours you would find in the Naked Palettes.


I love this NYC Palette as a brand NYC are probably one of my favourite drugstore brands this palette was so cheap at the time of purchase and I bought it as the colours were especially for Blue eyes. I love all of those colours but I do have to admit I haven’t really tried the black so I don’t know what that’s like. It’s good that the palette comes with eye primer too. This is definitely a good palette to have in your make-up bag and I did for a long time before Christmas and my birthday came and then I got tons of make-up since then I have been experimenting with that whenever I have wore make-up. 


Collection recently launched these palettes and I believe there are 3 in total but I just got one of them because I didn’t know if they would be pigmented/long lasting and if I am being honest I still don’t as I haven’t had chance to trial it out yet. As with the others once I do start using it I will give you my personal thoughts on this product. Again I love the colours in the palette, You can see a pattern forming can’t you that I only really go for neutral palettes. I think I only own 1 maybe 2 palettes that have coloured eye shadows in them. 


Revlon Photo Ready Palette I have had this palette quite awhile now and this is another product that I have not used since before Christmas. The colours in this palette are AMAZING…. and on the back of the packaging it shows you where to put each shadow which is really cool. If your new to make-up or a teenager it’s good to know this. So you have a   Primer at the bottom, then a matte brown shade which is just lovely a nice shimmery taupe colour and a hilighter and also at the bottom you have the most AMAZING Gold it looks stunning but beware there is a lot of fall out with these shadows especially the Gold the pigmentation though is AMAZING so it’s worth perservering. 

So there my most favourite palettes to travel with and reccomendations, I know there is a lot here but it was so hard narrowing it down to just these out of my make-up collection. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post. 

Sorry that some of these images are upside down I did try and turn them around but either my laptop or wordpress just wasn’t having any of it….

What’s your favourite drug store make-up Palette?





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