Top 5 Perfumes Perfect For Summer

Hello Lovelies, 

I thought I would do a post on my top 5 favourite perfumes.

So here goes…..

All these perfumes are very feminine, light and of a floral scent this is why they are perfect to wear for summer even though I like to wear them all year around as I do not like a strong scent. 

I will list these perfumes in order of my favourite. 

J’adore Dior – This perfume without a shadow of a doubt is my favourite has been for a very long time, I have lost count of how many bottles of this I have had over the years even though Dior Have some AMAZING perfumes this perfume is my all time Favourite it’s such a lovely scent very feminine and floral. This perfume is my go to perfume when I go out so I save it for special occasions as it’s a little bit more expensive then some of the other perfumes I have purchased. This particular perfume was a Christmas present from a couple of years ago so it’s worth the money for 50 ML this perfume is £68.50 which is quite expensive but my bottle has lasted such a long time by saving this bottle for special occasions. 

Flower By Kenzo – This has to be another favourite perfume of mine it’s such a gorgeous scent. I’ve not worn this perfume in quite a while it’s just the perfect scent for the summer months this is another perfume that is very light and feminine. I love this bottle of perfume with the cute Poppy Design on the bottle. This perfume is £58.50 and again I have had this a couple of years now. 

Burberry Brit – This is the perfume that I am currently using I love the perfumes from the Burberry RangeI have not long finished my Burberry Weekend which is also a gorgeous feminine floral scent. This Burberry Brit is my go to perfume every dayand has been for the last 2 months or so I just love the scent. Another scent that is ideal for summer. I got this perfume originally from Home Bargains it’s a 50 ML bottle I think I paid about £15 when I bought it which is a bargain as it’s more than double that in boots. I think the bottle is quite nice too with the typical Burberry Print Design it looks very nice on your dresser. 

Lacoste Femme – This is another really feminine, floral scent that I just think is ideal for summer I haven’t worn this perfume in such a long time either. Another scent that is perfect for the summer months. I think this perfume was around £30 for 30ML 

Meow  Katy Perry – The bottle of this perfume has to be my favourite in the shape of a cat it’s so gorgeous and looks so cute on your dresser. The scent of the perfume is gorgeous another perfume that is great for the summer months. I bought this perfume awhile ago from B&M Bargains for 50ML It was only £9.99 which is AMAZING Value for a bottle of 50ML Perfume. 

Even though these scents are perfect for the summer months I wear these scents and feminine scents like these all year round because I don’t live overpowering strong smelling scents. 

IMG_1047 IMG_1049 IMG_1051 IMG_1050 IMG_1046

What are your favourite Perfumes?




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