Hello Lovelies, 

I have been wanting to do this review for a couple of weeks but wanted to try both of these nail polishes out so that I could give you my thoughts on both the nail polishes as it’s a duo set. 

I love both of these nail polishes but my favourite is the maroon/purple colour it’s just stunning it has specks of glitter that run through it. The nail polish looks Amazing  on and when the light catches the glitter in the nail polish it’s just Beautiful This colour is called Gliteratti

So yes if I could have only chosen one of the nail polishes it would have definitely been Gliteratti but I was lucky and saw this  In TK MAXX on the Illamasqua Website  This same set is £24.00 I got such a great deal £5.00. I could not believe they sold  Illamasqua as it’s such a high end brand I Knew TK MAXX did brands like Ciate and Nails Inc which I also love. 

I saw this and at that price I just had to get it I’d heard so much about the brand Illamasqua and wanted to see what the hype was all about. 

The other colour in this set is called Viridian which is also a lovely colour it’s a Marble Green that has a Blue Shimmer to it and Specks Of Glitter running through it. 

This was my first time at trying any high end nail polish I think the most expensive nail polish I have bought myself is the Models Own Chrome They retail at £4.99 each. 

Okay so here are my thoughts….

I would definitely recommend these Nail Polishes to anyone who is thinking of trying a Luxury Nail Polish just to have it on your nails makes you feel Special.

The amount of  wear I got out of these Nail Polishes were unreal it almost stayed on like a Gel Nail Polish would. I got a 10 days wear out of both of these which surprised me. They only started chipping after I had been wearing them for 7 Days or so.

I put two coats of these Nail Polishes but you can actually get away with just the one coat especially with Gliteratti as it’s a thicker consistency then Viridian I guess it’s because of the Glitter. With Viridian I would use two coats. 

I will insert some photos at the bottom of this post that I took but I thought I would insert the link to Illamasqua’s website too so you could check out what is Available.

  Just look how Pretty Gliteratti Is the Photo shows the speecks of Glitter quite clearly….
          Before you impulse buy though I would Recommend you go to your local TK Maxx as you may be able to get it cheaper it’s definitely worth a look first….

Which colour is your favourite? 

Do you own any of the illamasqua Nail polishes I’d love to hear your thoughts on the brand? 

***Disclaimer*** these are my own thoughts on this review I haven’t been sponsored to do this post. 








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