New Hair Colour – Garnier Colour Sensations Review ❤️

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope you have had a lovely weekend….

So I made the decision to colour my hair a couple of days ago. 

Do you ever get that feeling when you just want a change well I’d been feeling that way for awhile now so I decided to dye my hair Ruby Red which was very close to the colour I had previously died it or so I thought. 

I put the dye on and waited the half an hour as directed on the packet but as it got closer and closer to the time to wash the dye out of my hair, my hair   just looked bright red which is not the look I was going for at all.

I will post some photos of the hair colour that I was going for. 

When I get these Hair Dye kits my hair always turns out darker never the colour on the packet because it’s quite red anyway it was scary how bright it was looking.

Luckily it turned out quite nice. I guess you could call it a plum/mahogony colour it looks lovely when the light catches it. 

I would recommend these Home Hair Dye Kits they are so cheap to buy this one was only £2.99 this is a new colour that has only just been released too which I didn’t realise when I bought it. 

I think they are worth every penny….

So here are the photos….

IMG_0946 IMG_0947 IMG_0957 IMG_0958



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